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Play Well, Have Fun,
& Be Amazing

Soccer Skills. Life Skills

Are you looking for a positive change in your child’s (or your own) soccer and sport experience?

Do you want them to develop more soccer skills, get more play, have more fun, and build more confidence?

At SoccerGenius in Calgary, we teach amazing soccer skills and empower people with valuable life skills so that everyone can become a better soccer player and become a better person.

Soccer Programs For Every Age

Our soccer programs positively impact children, players, and family’s lives through our best in class child development, coaching, and curriculum. 

From our Soccer Adventurers Program for children 18 months to Kindergarten all the way through our Soccer Skills League, and even into our Coaching Certification Clinics, the focus stays on personal development and personal improvement.  And we guarantee skillful fun every step of the way! Find the program that is right for your play.

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The SoccerGenius Way

SoccerGenius transforms the way sports are taught!

By combining world-class instructional standards with a play-focused curriculum and a professionally maintained indoor facility, SoccerGenius delivers a completely fresh approach to soccer.

One of our core beliefs is the Cycle of Fun: more fun = more play = more confidence = more skills = more fun again – and vice versa!

Any way you slice it, any direction you take, SoccerGenius hits the goals of high engagement, fast action, positive self image, and lots of fun!

One that just offers more.

What makes SoccerGenius different from everyone else is the path we – and our players – take to skill introduction, acquisition, and mastery.

Because mastering skills is less about where you are now, and more about where you want to go, and the person you need to become to get there.

The SoccerGenius System was created by our founder, Charles Richard Cotton, an internationally licensed master teacher with over 35 years experience as a championship-winning coach, athlete, and trainer.

It's based on motivating each individual from within, a life skill that transcends soccer or sports. As players grow mentally and emotionally, technical skills are progressively introduced and reinforced the best way ever: through active play.

As a result, SoccerGenius develops not just incredible players, but incredible individuals – people young and old who achieve great things both on and off the field.

We believe the best way to learn new things, strengthen skills, and grow as a player is to play. So play is at the very heart of the SoccerGenius System.

Our classes at our indoor facility in Calgary maximize playing time with a ball-intensive environment. We use small-sided games, like 1v1, 4v4, and Futsal to increase high-quality ball touches and individual player engagement. And, for adults, our fair play Futsal leagues offer players of all levels a great way to get moving, enjoy a lot of ball time, and have fun!

And, thanks to our beautiful indoor facility, play time isn't curtailed by weather.

So come in and play!

What Soccer Geniuses Say

As a kinesiology major and elementary teacher I can't say enough about the developmentally appropriate practices you apply in such an organized and fun way. Besides the soccer skills that both my kids have learned in 3 months, they are more agile, coordinated, and have better sportsmanship thanks to SoccerGenius. Thank you for your hard word and dedication to youth and sport!

Stephanie Vannus

What Soccer Geniuses Say

SoccerGenius did an amazing job for my daughter's 5th birthday party. The kids had a blast practicing their soccer skills with a fun "animal safari" theme. Not only did the kids have fun but the parents were able to play their own soccer game on the other field. There is tones of space upstairs for cake and food with kiddie tables set up. They even gave her a soccer ball to take home! This was the best birthday yet. My daughter will never forget it!

Narisa Charania