Our  Mission 

To build a thriving community of families, players, coaches, and partners who actively live and promote the philosophy, values, and methods of the SoccerGenius Development System – for the lifelong benefit of our members.

Our Philosophy

SoccerGenius is not a conventional soccer centre, company, or club.  We emphasize skillful fun and positive play above all else.  Winning and losing are simply part of a bigger journey for us.  What matters more is how we win and lose.  

We choose to win gracefully and lose victoriously.  We choose to embrace life’s challenges and to follow a path of adventure. We choose a better way of organizing, coaching, and playing soccer; a way of community, a way of skillful development for everyone, and a way of fun.  We encourage a growth mindset and a healthy lifestyle for members and staff alike. 

We work to develop programs and offer services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible. We actively listen to what players (children and the adult version) say they want from their soccer experience.  Overwhelmingly, what they want is more FUN!  And that’s exactly what we deliver. 

 As we actively grow our community, we welcome constructive feedback and positive contributions to the overall success of the SoccerGenius community. We are thrilled to serve our members with the programs we have built at our very own SoccerGenius Centre.  We are grateful for the many thousands of children, players, and families who continue to make SoccerGenius an incredible and dynamic community. 

We have a strong commitment to our members, families, and especially the children. We look forward to delivering excellence, passion, and SoccerGenius awesomeness for years to come! 

Our Core Values

  SoccerGenius is a community-first company that embraces the following core values. 

 Build community and make authentic human connections

Be Respectful, Responsible, and Honest in everything we do and say

Be Humble in our service to our members and fellow staff

Celebrate Successes – big and less big

Promote Positivity – in work and play

Treat children as children (and not mini-adults)

Achieve Balance and Wellness in life

Communicate clearly, gently, and with a smile

Pursue a life of adventure, learning, and growth

Commit to doing and being our best

Embrace the unknown and ask BIG questions

Spread love, happiness, and fun! 

Our Development System

 The SoccerGenius Development System is designed to take players, ages 18 months to adult, from “First Kicks to First Class Soccer”.  It has been carefully crafted through years of experience, research, and feedback.  The focus is on ensuring players are able to grow in a positive, fun, and skillful environment that inspires them to play well, have fun, and be amazing!

 Key features of the SoccerGenius Development System include:

Progressive skill development leading to advanced skills and knowledge for all players

Equal access to high quality coaching and instruction

Focus on skillful development first, instead of a focus on winning at all costs

Equal playing time for every player, every time

Equal opportunity to learn and play every position

Concentration on small sided games, soccer geometry, ball mastery, and technical excellence

Positive, specific praise to build confidence and inspire players

Built-in challenges that help athletes discover their capacity for awesomeness

Safety First through injury prevention and a focus on skilful vs. aggressive and/or dangerous play

SoccerGenius follows the Concussion Protocols of both the Canadian Paediatric Society and the HEADS UP / CDC – Concussion in Youth Sports Initiative

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