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What does my child wear?

It’s different for each program.


We recommend comfortable play clothes such as shorts and a t-shirt and CLEAN INDOOR running shoes. We ask children NOT to wear soccer cleats because they are potentially dangerous to themselves and the peers around them. **All children in the program get an Adventurers jersey


All players are required to wear:

  •       soccer shorts
  •       soccer socks
  •       shin pads/ shin guards
  •       indoor or artificial turf shoes, NOT outdoor cleats
  •       provided SG Practice Jersey for practice days and Team Jersey for game days

**Team uniforms are provided for each player after the first 2 weeks of team formation planning

Futsal Club 

All players are required to wear:

  •       soccer shorts
  •       soccer socks
  •       shin pads/shin guards
  •       indoor or artificial turf shoes, NOT outdoor cleats
  •      provided SG Practice Jersey for practice days and Team Jersey for game days

**Team uniforms are provided for each player after the first 2 weeks of team formation planning 

How are shin guards worn?

Shin guards are a type of equipment to protect the lower part of the legs. They are worn on top of your shins and worn UNDERNEATH  soccer socks.

 For more information have a read through this great Wiki article:  http://www.wikihow.com/Wear-Shin-Guards

Do you require parents/guardians to volunteer?

Volunteering is 100% optional and we would love for you to become more involved within the SoccerGenius family. If you are interested please send us an email: contact@soccergeniuscentre.com

Are parents allowed on the field?


We allow 2 adults per child on the field. This can be; Parents, Guardians, Grandparents etc. Younger or older siblings must be supervised by an adult.

Leagues & Futsal Club

Only Parent or Guardian Volunteers are allowed on the field. We provide a great viewing area for all guests who wish to stay and watch.  We ask that all viewing people observe quietly.

Where do parents and guests sit?

We have an upstairs viewing area with plenty of space and seating to see all the action on the fields.  We ask that people in the viewing area observe quietly so as to not disturb the coaching and play on the fields.

What happens if my child misses a practice, game, or class?

No problemo! We offer make-up classes when available. Just ask one of our friendly staff members to help reschedule. **Make-up classes to be scheduled within the same season.

Some of our programs require a higher attendance commitment.  Please check our program pages for more details.

How are evaluations done?

Great question! Here at SoccerGenius we don’t run evaluations like typical soccer clubs. Our programs are open to all players of all skill levels.  Instead, we have a 2 week team formation period at the start of each season to determine the most balanced distribution of players to ensure healthy competition.

Does my child have to play in their age group?

Our age groups are guidelines to help ensure children get the best development experience. However, they are not set in stone. SoccerGenius has the flexibility to place children in programs that are the best fit for them and not be restricted by birthdate or birth year of child. (Unlike traditional clubs/leagues) Our qualified coaches can help make that decision, if you’d like more information please give us a call!

What happens on first day?

All programs have a first day orientation with SoccerGenius Program Staff and Coaches.  It's a great way to get acquainted and feel at home at SoccerGenius

Do you have other locations?

Our Southeast is our only location in Calgary. 

Do you prorate fees?

Yes we do! We accept children and players into all of our programs at anytime, as long as there is space. Discounts are applied depending on the number of classes, practices or games missed prior to late registration date.

Is there a late registration fee?

No late fees here! Just fun play!

Are we allowed to use outdoor balls?

Here at SoccerGenius we are a Futsal facility, even though our name says Soccer we don’t allow outdoor balls to be used within the centre. All rental users are required to bring their own futsal balls or we can provide them for you.  Read more on our Rental Page.

What type of shoes do we wear?

 Our awesome fields allow for the following footwear:

  •       CLEAN indoor running shoes
  •       CLEAN indoor soccer shoes
  •       CLEAN indoor futsal shoes
  •       CLEAN artificial turf shoes
  •       CLEAN outdoor cleat shoes

Did we say clean enough :)

**There is a cleaning fee applied for wearing dirty footwear

Do I have to pay the annual membership if I’m only doing a camp?

No, camps are not required to pay the annual membership fee.

I'm a renter - Can we get early access for warm up?

Our fields are rented on a Pay for Play basis. We do not allow early access for warmup. Additional time may be available for booking upon your arrival, please check with staff.

Are uniforms included for programs and leagues?

You betcha! We love to give out swag….Quick dry tees for Adventurers, Team Jerseys for Skills Discovery, Practice and Team Jerseys for Skills Unleashed and Futsal Club.

Does my child have to wear the jersey or uniform?

Adventures is optional...the shirt sure looks cute on the little ones though!

Leagues & Futsal Club

All our players are provided a practice jersey that must be worn for each practice. Team uniforms must be worn on game day.

What forms of payment do you take?

Our online registration system allows for payment by; e-transfer as well as Visa and/or MasterCard. We aslo accept Cash, Debit and/or Cheques made payable to SoccerGenius. **Please note, program payments are due within 10 days of registration.

Do I have to pay the Annual Membership fee?

Any person (young or old) registering in a SoccerGenius program is required to pay our annual membership fee. The only exception is for our seasonal Camps.

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