Welcome to the Calgary Youth Soccer League!

We are committed to delivering the best youth soccer experience in the city.  We believe youth soccer MUST be about the kids who are learning and playing the game. No screaming coaches and no club politics, guaranteed!  Instead, we promise equal playing time and amazing skill development for ALL players (not just Tier One) under the guidance and care of our qualified coaching staff and team.

This league is for every Calgary family who is new to soccer, and those who are seeking a new experience for their child in soccer. This league is for families who feel that the current club structure no longer serves the best interests of their child. The Calgary Youth Soccer League allows your child to learn and practice great skills while being encouraged to use them in the games - without the fear of being yelled at or benched. Our league model is flexible to give each player the best experience.  For example, if a team is short players one game then the other team can share a player - and is even rewarded for the helping hand - ensuring the game goes on.  Our guiding principle is simple:  ALL KIDS PLAY!

As experts in long-term player development and fun-mapping in sport, we have designed this league to meet the needs of the different stages of childhood development while ensuring a positive environment in which to grow.  We are committed to setting each player up for success, we even coach players to learn all of the positions of the game to help them become a more diverse, well-rounded player for years of soccer enjoyment. No need to overcomplicate things, this truly is soccer for the kids.

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