Grade 6-8 League

Our Grade 6-8 league is designed for the unique development needs of children 11-14 years of age (grade 6-8).  Like all of our leagues, It is based on positive coaching, skill development, and inclusiveness for boys and girls.

This league uses FIFA Futsal as the game of play for all indoor play and 7v7 for all outdoor games.  FIFA Futsal is the best game for developing  quality play as it requires fast decision-making, good touch on the ball, and helps players improve their overall game very quickly.  7v7 outdoor games naturally build on the Futsal format and while giving players more space to run and use their skills. 

Youth players at this age group may go through rapid physical growth with some entering a bit of a 'clumsy or awkward' phase.  It's very important during this time that they continue to build a rich pool of skills and techniques - (rather than focussing playing only one position and booting the ball every time.) Some of the older players in this age group will start to increase in muscle mass, power, and speed. You'll notice the increase in quality of play and decision-making in this age group.  They will start to have finer touch on the ball and be more actively using their 1v1 and 2v2 skills to get around opponents and build up plays.

Youth of this age are starting to get really interested in pursuing one or two sports at a more committed level. Players leaving this age (going on to grade 9 and higher) often develop a stronger interest in competitive club and/or high school team play.   For this age group it's all about keeping the respect on the players, treating them like intelligent people, encouraging feedback, and challenging them to be their best. 

Our league ensures a positive focus on team and personal FUN, enhanced skill development, and healthy competition to build self-confidence, leadership, and personal responsibility!

Skills We Focus On

* Fitness, Speed, Reaction, Agility, Coordination, Balance, and 'Soccer Rhythm' 

* Various speeds of running with the ball (dribbling) using both feet

* L-Swing, Instep, Laces and Volley Kicking and passing with both feet

* Throw-ins and goalie rolls and throws

* Juggling skills including rhythm, bounce, and speed

* All Level One and Two SoccerGenius 1v1 moves

* First Ten of the Levels One to Three SoccerGenius dribbles

* Enhanced 'soccer geometry' including weaves, overlaps, takeovers, diamonds and triangles

* FIFA Futsal Rules - with modifications for goalie, goalkicks, and substitutions

* Introduction to goalkeeping - included for all players (not mandatory but encouraged

* Social Skills of active listening, participating in instructions/demonstrations, leadership, and praising/celebrating others

* Executive functioning skills of self-regulation and mental flexibility

* Leadership skills related to goal-setting and positive role modelling

* Fair Play Skills of non-aggression and non-violence, honesty, no trash talk, respect for opponents, and helping coaches/teammates

* Body awareness skills related to fatigue, flexibility, hydration, injury and rest

Practice and Games

This age group has one or two 90 minute practice and one 90 minute game (with 20 minute warmup) per week.

Game Format and Team Size

5-a-side Futsal  (indoor games) 7 v 7 (outdoor games)

8-12 players per team

* Our goal is to ensure each player receives maximum touches and time with the ball in the game.  FIFA Futsal offers up to 400% more quality touches than other forms for soccer.  There are lots of goals for all players and lots of opportunities for each player to enjoy success.  Our positive coaches encourage players to use the skills from practices.  This format is the internationally recognized game of 5-a-side soccer.  It is fast paced, gives lots of touches, and reinforces almost all soccer related skills.     403 726.3875    7575 57th Street SE Calgary, AB

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