Senior K - Grade 1 League

Our Senior Kindergarten to Grade One league is designed for the unique development needs of children 5.5 - 7 years of age.  It is a positive, skill-based, and inclusive program for boys and girls. This is the first step in the 'formal, rules based' world of soccer in the SoccerGenius development model that we follow. 

Young players at this age are discovering the speed, agility, coordination, and energy of using their body in a sporting environment.  Their brain cells are growing at an accelerated rate  and they are learning at leaps and bounds!  Children at this age simply love playing and exploring how to use their physical abilities. 

They are VERY 'ball-centric' and not really interested in passing the ball - unless they can get it back quickly :)  Without a doubt - these kids know the importance of making sport fun!

Skills We Focus On

*  Agility, Coordination, Balance, 'Soccer Rhythm' and Whole Body Movements

* Running with the ball using both feet

* Kicking and passing with both feet and throwing with both hands

* First three of the Level One SoccerGenius "foundation" moves

* First two of the Level One SoccerGenius "foundation" dribbles

* Intro to juggling skills including one bounce

* Basic 'soccer geometry' of the 'give and go' triangle

* Simple Rules of Play - including start and restart, direction of play, playing with teammates

* Social Skills of listening, following instructions, taking turns, praising/celebrating others

* Fair Play Skills of non-aggressive play, no trash talk, respect for opponents, and helping coaches/teammates

* Body awareness skills related to water breaks, stopping when injured, and rest breaks

Practice and Games

This age group has a combination practice and game time one hour per week during the season.

Includes 35 minutes of coach led skill development and 25 minutes of game time

Game Format and Team Size

Two versus Two 

Four players per team

* Our goal is to ensure each player receives maximum touches and time with the ball in the game.   There are lots of goals for all players and lots of opportunities for each player to enjoy success.  The 2 v 2 format means that players can't 'hide' away from the ball or play of the game.  They literally must participate and take an active role in their soccer experience.  This format has been proven to accelerate player development at all ages - in fact, two versus two is a favourite game played during practices for the older age groups in the league.     403 726.3875    7575 57th Street SE Calgary, AB

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