The SG CUP is our way of helping all kids enjoy and participate in league-wide competition while acquiring skills that build healthy and positive people and, in turn, a healthy and positive soccer community.

Players are placed in houses upon entering the Calgary Youth Soccer League and remain in that house through each age group - becoming respected role models for younger players.  For example, if a player is placed in the Rivellino Rockets house, they will play on that team house each year they are member of the league.

Based on the "House" system from the world of Hogwarts, teams across the whole league (all age groups) compete to become Champions of the SG CUP.  The CUP is awarded each year at the end of the Spring/early Summer season to the League House with the most points.  Points are awarded throughout the year for a wide range of tasks, skills, and competitions that reinforce our league values and development goals (eg.  help up an opposing player after a trip = 5 points).   See below for the SG CUP Points Chart.

The Houses

The CYSL Houses are named in honour of skillful soccer players throughout history.  Each House has a 'move' in honour of their house namesake reflecting our league's emphasis on skill development.  Players are encouraged to master their House move, as well as the moves from the other houses.  of the 12 Houses of the Calgary Youth Soccer League. 

  • Rivellino RocketsRivellino Rockets
  • Rivellino Rockets
  • Garrincha Gorillas
  • Sinclair Sharks
  • Cryuff Cougars
  • Pele Panthers
  • Sir Stanley Matthews Serpents
  • Zidane Zebras
  • Marta Minotaur
  • Beckenbauer Bears
  • Leonardo Lightning
  • Emerson Eagles
  • Puskas Pythons

The SG CUP Point Chart

Each and every player and team has the opportunity to enjoy success as they 'seek' to add points to their House's total. The available points include those awarded from:

* Challenges and tasks for each age group and each player

* Competitions that arise during the season

* Soccer-specific, rules and knowledge, and fair play related skills

* Participation and attendance for practices and games * Community and/or Acts of Service

* Special events including multi-age tournament and family game days

  • Age Group Juggling Challenge 1 = 5 points

  • Age Group Juggling Challenge 2 = 7 points

  • Age Group Juggling Challenge 3 = 10 points

  • Age Group Pledge = 15 points (one time)

  • Helping Hand = 10 points (1 per season)

  • Community/Act of Service = 20 points

  • Age Group Move 1 in game = 5 points (1 per season)

  • Age Group Move 2 in game = 5 points (1 per season)

  • Age Group Move 3 in game = 5 points (1 per season)

  • Sub for a team that is short players = 5 points (per season)

  • Developing foot goal = 5 points  (1 per season)

  • Every player scores = 25 points (per season, with reset)

  • Team cheer mastery = 20 points per team

  • Team warm up Mastery = 20 points (grades 4-8)

  • A season of non-violence = 50 points/team

  • Everyone scores with developing foot = 50 points

  • Team passing challenge in game = 20 points (1 per season)

  • Team field set up challenge = 10 points (1 per season)

  • Multi-Age Tournament Challenges * points TBD

  • Team Skills Challenge Days * points TBD

  • Respect for the Rules = 50 points 

  • All players know the Pledge = 15 points     403 726.3875    7575 57th Street SE Calgary, AB

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